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Why are Auto Insurance Quotes so Personal? What Your Insurance Company Knows

Posted on 7 Nov 2014

If you've ever gone online in search for auto insurance quotes, you've probably noticed that the applications ask a lot of questions. Here is the answer to why they get so personal, and what types of information insurance companies know about you.

Should Your Auto Insurance Quotes Include GAP Insurance?

Posted on 12 Nov 2014

If you've ever heard of the term GAP insurance, you might be wondering what it is and whether or not you should purchase it. GAP insurance is a great thing to have when it is needed, but for many people it does not make financial sense.

Consulting an Auto Insurance Specialist to Help with Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Posted on 20 Nov 2014

Auto insurance specialists help many people each year get better car insurance. Before you search for auto insurance quotes yourself, find out if an auto insurance specialist could benefit you.

When Should You get Auto Insurance Quotes from a New Insurance Company

Posted on 25 Nov 2014

When it comes to auto insurance quotes, many people stick with the same company year after year. Although doing so can have some benefits, there also often comes a time when it makes more sense to look for a new insurance company.

Consulting an Auto Insurance Specialist to Help with Your Auto Insurance Quotes

For most people, finding car insurance is as easy as logging onto the Internet and searching for auto insurance quotes. However, for some people, having an insurance specialist might be a better idea in order to better protect your assets.

First off, if you do not understand the purpose or reasoning behind auto insurance, you might want to talk with a specialist. An auto insurance specialist can help you determine which kind of insurance coverage, and how much, makes sense for your vehicle and your budget. They can explain the types of coverage available to you, and answer any question you might have. Fortunately, auto insurance quotes are free. This means you will not be obligated to purchase a policy from the auto insurance specialist that you talk to.

Secondly, if you have a special type of vehicle – such as a vintage or classic car – you might benefit from an auto insurance specialist. These types of cars often have values and work done to them that make the market value no longer a good estimate. Therefore, they need to be covered by insurance policies that understand the needs of a classic vehicle. Another issue that might come up with owning a classic car is that most of the time these cars are not driven – at least not on a regular basis. Many people believe that auto insurance is not necessary in these cases. However, your car can still be damaged or even stolen, so special insurance is still necessary. Some insurance programs for classic cars will have certain limitations or age restrictions. Many times being a member of a classic automobile club will get you a discount on insurance. An auto insurance specialist can help you get the right policy for your classic car, and help you understand what you are getting.

If you have any other special considerations in regards to insuring a vehicle – such as driving a custom car or one that has had a lot of work done – you could benefit from an auto insurance specialist. Auto insurance quotes online do not take into account any extra work or features the car might have, just what the car typically comes with. In addition to working with a car insurance specialist, you might also want to get your car appraised. This will tell your insurance company how much your car is worth.

Again, you are not obligated to purchase a policy from the auto insurance specialist. You should always make sure you are paying a fair (and preferably discounted) price on your auto insurance. The best way to do this is to shop around, research companies, and comparison shop. The more quotes you find, the better your chances of getting a good discount. You can always verify with your auto insurance specialist that the quote they offer includes all applicable discounts.